DateScientific NameEnglish NameLocationComment
1 5-Nov Lepiota castanea Chestnut Dapperling willow carr ~6 in scatterd group in leaf litter beside Radley Park Stream
2 5-Nov Tricholoma argyraceum Grey Knight plantation in leaf litter, peckled grey on top, otherwise white, in groups, some following a Poplar root
3 5-Nov Laccaria laccata The Deceiver plantation small red cap, thick red stem
4 5-Nov Marasmius curreyi Collared Parachute plantation tiny white mushrooms with 'parachute like' caps attached to root of dead shrub lying on ground
5 5-Nov Xerula (Oudmansiella) radicata Rooting Shank plantation Tall mushroom with slimy wrinkled cap
6 5-Nov Mycena galericulata? Common Bonnet? willow carr many on mossy horizontal branches
7 5-Nov Mycena galopus? Milking Bonnet? plantation & willow carr looks right but did not test for milk!
8 5-Nov Pluteus cervinus Deer Shield willow carr on rotting fallen willow
9 5-Nov Cotinarius decipiens Sepia Webcap plantation brown caps, white-edged, in leaf litter
10 28-Oct Hebeloma sinapizans Bitter Poisonpie willow carr 9 in scatterd group close to dead Elder & Willow; cap: 10cm,white redish-brown centre
11 5-Nov Hebeloma sacchariolens Sweet Poisonpie plantation in leaf litter
12 5-Nov Inocybe geophylla? White Fibrecap plantation pure white fibrous bell-shaped cap
13 28-Oct Agrocybe aegerita = A cylindracea Poplar Fieldcap willow carr 15cm white cap, pale cinnamon centre, gills crowded, slightly decurrent
14 5-Nov Kuernomyces mutabilis Sheathed Woodtuft willow carr several groups of these orange-brown fungi, on fallen willows, shaggy brown stem
15 5-Nov Enteloma rhodopolium Wood Pinkgill plantation growing in leaf litter
16 5-Nov Pholiota squarrosa Shaggy Scalycap willow carr on rotting fallen willow
17 28-Oct Psathyrella candolleanea Pale Brittlestem willow carr on rotten log
18 5-Nov Crepidotus sp. Oysterling plantation & willow carr numerous on fallen twigs
19 28-Oct Polyporus durus Bay polypore willow carr seven decayed brackets with stems on living willow branch
20 28-Oct Polyporus squamosus Dryads Saddle willow carr two decayed brackets on fallen willow
21 5-Nov Dacrymyces stillatus Common Jellyspot willow carr small round, yellow and jelly-like
22 5-Nov Oxiporus populinus Poplar Bracket willow carr white brackets, dark brown on top, overlapping tiers on tree trunk
23 5-Nov Daedaleopsis confragosa Blushing Bracket willow carr bruises when pressed
24 28-Oct Ganoderma applanatum Artists Bracket willow carr a perennial, with fresh galls of the golden fly: Agathomyia wankowiczii
25 5-Nov Ganoderma australis Southern Bracket willow carr a perennial, thicker at outer edge than G applanatum
26 5-Nov Calvatia gigantea Giant Puffball field several found in Blackthorn thicket
27 5-Nov Auricularia auricula-judae Jelly Ear willow carr
28 5-Nov Tremella mesenterica Yellow Brain willow carr bright yellow, contorted shape, attached to twig
29 28-Oct Phlebia radiata Wrinkled Crust willow carr a soft yellowish encrustation on willow branches
30 5-Nov Xylaria hypoxylon Candlesnuff Fungus willow carr on several fallen, rotting logs
31 5-Nov ? an orange slime mould willow carr on fallen willow

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