Conservation Group Projects


  • Record location of Swift nest-sites in Abingdon and surrounding villages
  • Follow up on Swift nest-box provision project & liase with people involved
  • Construct Swift Nest-boxes

Feeding Farmland Birds (with particular regard to the ‘Hunger Gap’ - February to April)

Yellowhammers need support to arrest their decline
© Alan Larkman
  • Liase with OOS on their Farmland Bird project
  • Seek funding for this project, particularly for members living adjacent to farmland.
  • Record small farmland birds in gardens, such as Linnet, Reed Bunting and Yellowhammer.
  • Note the type of food taken and the method of provision.
  • Investigate the provision of seeds such as Nyjer, Millet, Kale, Quinoa, Linseed, etc. either in feeders or by scattering on the ground or by growing patches of seed-bearing plants.

Green Spaces

  • Liase with Community Groups and the Vale Council regarding Green Spaces in Abingdon. Aim to create wildlife friendly areas such wildflower-rich grassland, plant native woodland flowers, provide nest-boxes etc.
  • Monitor Meadow Saxifrage and Wild Clary in Abingdon Cemetery and liase with Abingdon Town Council regarding the time of mowing.

Roadside Verge Nature Reserves

A small area at the bottom of Hinksey Hill was designated as a Roadside Verge Nature Reserve because an abundance of Pyeamidal Orchids
© M Bloom
  • Follow-up with OCC regarding the Hinksey Hill roundabout site.
  • Investigate whether it is possible to rescue and relocate the orchids when the Ring Road Improvement Scheme takes place. THIS HAS NOW BEEN DONE! read more...
  • Look at road verges locally and decide which might merit being designated as Roadside Nature Reserves.


  • Biological surveys of the course of the old Wilts & Berks Canal.