Badger joins AbNats visit to Warburg Reserve

There were good daylight views of a Badger.

On the final stage of our ferns orientated visit to Warburg BBOWT Reserve on Sunday 20th May having found Adders Tongue Ferns in a lush meadow, a young badger poked its head out of the adjoining woodland, tested the air, entered the grassland, snuffled through the dense foliage to join our group and even sniffed the boots of our host Nick Hards, before in no rush ambled back to the woods.

from Graham Bateman: 21 May2018

Scarlet Elfcup fungi

The fungi are bright and beaufiful.

There is a small area of willow carr beside the River Ock south of Tesco, a really damp area which hosts quite a few fungi species - I have identified 19 species there so far.

Yesterday I found a rather beautiful group of Scarlet Elfcups (Sarcoscypha austriaca) or could possibly be Ruby Elfcups (S. coccinea) which are almost indistinguishable.

from David Guyoncourt: 15 February 2018

The Fragrant Bracket fungus.

The Fragrant Bracket is a large white fungus

I recently found a rare pure white bracket fungus: 'The Fragrant Bracket' (Trametes suaveolens) on a fallen willow near Abingdon.  It is listed as  Vunerable B on the British Mycological Society Red List.  It smells of  aniseed!

from David Guyoncourt: November 2017

Sparrowhawk stuck in bush.

The bird struggled to free itself from the bush.

At dusk a sparrowhawk attacked the 100-plus sparrow and starling roost in a Pyrancatha bush and got its leg stuck in the thick thorns tryng to catch a bird. It took a quarter-of-hour to extricate itself.  All the birds had fled!

from Graham Bateman: 06 September 2017

Fat Robins

05 April 2017: Garden Robins feeding on fatballs

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The Early Bird

05 April 2017: Very early fledged Robins

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Heron with Frog

22 March 2017: Heron with Frog.

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Tree Creeper

12 February 2017: A Tree Creeper climbing a chimney.

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Little Egret

1 December 2016: Little Egret by R. Stert

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Jack Snipe at Cholsey

11 October 2016: A Jack Snipe at Cholsey.

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Wasp Spider at Marcham

13 August 2016: A wasp Spider in the Wild Celery field at Marcham.

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Black and Yellow Longhorn

3 July 2016: This beetle looks quite spectacular.

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Small Emerald

3 July 2016: Small Emerald moth on Alpine Clematis

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Robin Murder

21 April 2016: Robin Murder

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20 April 2016: Early Swifts at Cholsey

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09 April 2016: A Redstart in Abingdon

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Early Bluebells

23 March 2016: Early Bluebells

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11 March 2016: early garden frospawn

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Little Egrets

24 December 2015: Little Egrets

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Reed Buntings and Linnets at Barton Fields

04 March 2016: Reed Buntings and Linnets at barton Fields

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25 January 2016: Polecats in Oxfordshire

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Cinnamon Bug

3 January 2016: A Cinamon Bug in Abingdon

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Song Thrushes around Barton Felds

23 December 2015: Song Thrushes around Barton Fields

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