Fat Robins?

In my garden, I have watched Robin's over last six years successfully transition from being mainly ground feeders to being adept at hanging on to fat ball feeders and frequently seen feeding on these each day and also now taking fine bird seed from feeders to a lesser extent. Worms and other soil invertebrates are of course still exploited when I disturb soil and once the juveniles are around, vegetation is actively gleaned for more live prey.  But fat now appears a dominant part of the diet and is continuously relied upon through the darker months of the year. The product is very noticeably gaining weight on the shelves of bird food retailers in recent years and I know I am buying far more each passing year.
So; is this, year round, abundant and very high calorific value food source now enabling Robins to breed much earlier these days ?
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from Ian Smith: 05 April 2017

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