A Cinnamon Bug in Abingdon

These bugs have spectacular red and black bodies.

I initially identified this bug which appeared in our kitchen a few days ago as a Firebug. The south coast was recently thought to be the northern limit of its range in Britain. It may have hitched a lift with Spanish oranges but may indicate a rapid spread with climate warming and a particularly warm winter.

from Adrian Allsop: 3 January 2016, updated 25 January

Martin Harvey has now pointed out the mistaken original identification of this bug...

Just noticed the rather nice photo on the website of the black and red bug. It's not actually a "firebug" though - that name applies to the bug Pyrrhocoris apterus, which would be quite surprising to see in Abingdon I think (as far as I'm aware it is still known from a very few places further south in England). What the photo actually shows is the rather similar Cinnamon Bug, Corizus hyoscyami. This too would have been unexpected in Abindgon until recent years, but it has been spreading and is now becoming quite frequent in the BBOWT area, very likely as a result of climate change.

from Martin Harvey, County Moth Recorder for Berkshire: 25 January 2016

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