Polecats in Oxfordshire

Following last week's illustrated talk by Lizzie Croose on "The Pine Marten and Polecat in Britain", two members have sent in reports of the Polecat roadkill in our area.

Ian Smith writes ...

Polecat sightings are often rather gruesome.

"Lizzie has just confirmed ID of my putative Polecat, just near the crossroads of Faringdon and Sheepstead Road's, north of Marcham.  Thought it might be interesting to post on Abnats site as follow up to talk and to "encourage others to get out of car and check roadkill corpses as well as take scaled (boot) photos for confirming ID."  The date was 5th September 2015 and I took other close up pics as well."


David Guyoncourt reports his finding from 2000...

" I found the male Polecat on 24th Jan 2000.  I picked it up as a roadkill by the side of the A415 near Culham Labs in a quite sandy area.  I gave it to  Dr Rob Strachan (deceased) of WildCru on 26th Jan.  He happened to be giving  a talk to AbNats on 'Otters, Mink & Polecats in the Thames Valley'.  He sent it off for DNA analysis, which found that it was a true Polecat of Welsh  descent.  I believe it weighed 1kg.

Previously, maintenance staff at Culham Labs had seen a live Polecat in a concrete lined pit."


25 January 2016


Another Polecat corpse at Cumnor, on 31 January - worth keeping your eyes open.

from Ian Smith, 12 February 2016

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