A Tree Creeper climbing a chimney

Tony just managed a photo of the bird on his chimney

Way back in 2005 we saw a Tree Creeper in our garden. That was our most recent garden record of this species until today. This morning whilst coiling a hosepipe I noticed a movement near the  base of a tree and hedge beside me. A tame Robin follows me around the garden, so it was probably my faithful friend hoping that I dig up a tasty worm. But no, a small brown bird flecked with white crept round the base of the tree (a Silver Birch) barely 7 feet away - it is a Tree Creeper. As I make for the cottage to fetch my camera, the bird remained where I had found it. On returning with my camera, the bird flew. However it didn't go far - imagine my surprise to find it climbing up our chimney! I have never before seen a Tree Creeper on a building of any sort.

from Tony Rayner: 12 February 2017

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