A selfish bird!

A female Blackcap has taken over our feeders! She is only a small slender brown bird, but is mega-aggressive, chasing off Goldfinches, Chaffinches, Blue Tits and even Sparrows. Yesterday she attacked a Goldfinch and a cloud of plucked feathers drifted to the ground. She was quite timid and flighty at first, occasionally pecking at a fat ball, but now having gained confidence, she hangs around our feeders all day long, spending most of her time attacking other birds, occasionally gorging on sunflower hearts. We used to get loads of finches on the feeders, but now none but a few burly Greenfinches dare come. I can't wait for Mrs BC to migrate back to eastern Europe whence she came!
Surely us humans can behave better than this selfish bird in these trying times?

from David Guyoncourt: 21 March 2020