Flowerng Rush


A decade ago or more, in the River Ock below New Cut Mill, masses of Arrowhead and Flowering Rush used to grow and flower. At that time American Mink were prevalent there too. Since then Otters have moved in, Water Vole are now abundant and there is no sign of the dreaded Mink. Unfortunately that has not benefited the aquatic plants. Arrowhead has completely disappeared and although stands of Flowering Rush are still present, mid-stream, their fantastic pink blooms never show. I feel sure that Water Vole are the culprits (they need their 50 veg a day) I also suspect I would not be very popular if I proposed a WV cull! So I have resorted to growing Flowering Rush in my pond. After three years it has finally bloomed!

from David Guyoncourt: 2 August 2020