20 October 2013: Fungus Foray in Bagley Wood

Leader: John Killick

A large group of over 30 participants turned out for our final Field Event of the year. Just before 2pm a string of cars began arriving at the Sawmill and parked inside courtesy of the excellent arrangements made by our leader John Killick.

John had already carried out a preliminary survey and reported that prospects were good for the discovery of many species. The general weather pattern had been damp but mild for several days and these conditions prevailed on that afternoon. In a brief dry spell John made a few introductory remarks explaining that there was a high certainty of attributing a genus to specimens we might find but that attribution beyond that often got rather tricky. Some families had literally hundreds of different species within them but he promised to do his best. Aided by various identification books, the knowledge of fellow members and the undoubted expertise of John, we spread out first into the Sawmill surroundings and investigated log piles and drainage ditches. The rain fell steadily but enthusiasm amongst spotters and collectors remained undimmed.

From time to time John would gather us together and make particular points about interesting specimens and generally identify what people had found. As we moved down a forest track the numbers of specimens in John’s basket grew and grew as did the snippets of knowledge shared. As promised the number of fungi on offer was very high and one could almost turn in any direction and make new discoveries.

After one and a half hours the rain finally got the better of our enthusiasm as the sloping path we were following became more like a stream and conditions underfoot increasingly slippery. We turned back for the car park, still gathering specimens as we went. The rain was such a deluge in the open space that there was no opportunity to gather around and thank John publically for this excellent outing but many individual members thanked him as they scurried to their cars. As I was John’s driver I was able to thank him formally on behalf of the Society before delivering him safely home, rather wet and complete with his bulging basket from which he would compile a species list for us.
A very wet and very successful Fungus Foray to close our outdoor year.

Chris Biggs

Species list from fungus foray on 20 October 2013.
Mushrooms/Toadstools (# recce only)Common Name
Amanita citrina False Death-cap
Amanita rubescens The Blusher (this did blush next day!)
Armillaria mellea s.l. Honey Fungus
Bolbitius vitellinus Egg-yolk Fungus
Clitocybe odora Aniseed Toadstool
Collybia butyracea Butter Cap
Collybia dryophila  
Collybia fusipes Spindle-shank
Coprinus lagopus Inkcap
Coprinus picaceus Magpie Inkcap
#Cortinarius sp  
Crepidotus variabilis  
Hypholoma fasciculare Sulphur Tuft
Inocybe sp  
Lacccaria laccata Deceiver
Lactarius blennius  
Lactarius deliciosus Saffron Milk-cap
Lactarius mitissimus Milk-cap
Lactarius sp.  
Lepiota cristata  
Lepista inversa Clitocybe flaccida  
Mycena galericulata  
Mycena grammopodia  
M. inclinata  
Mycena pura  
M. vitilis  
Mycena tiny white sp.
Pholiota adiposa  
Pholiota cf. graminis  
Pluteus cervinus Fawn Mushroom
Psathyrella cf.conopilea  
Russula cf.atropurpurea  
Russula emetica Sickener
Russula ochroleuca Common yellow Russula
Russula pale yellow sp.
#Tricholoma album  
Tricholoma sulphureum Gas-tar fungus
Tricholomopsis rutilans Plums and Custard.
Boletus edulis  
=Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca False Chanterelle
Xerocomus badius  
#Abortiporus biennis  
Calocera viscosa  
Chondrostereum purpureum Silver-leaf
Coriolus versicolor Zoned bracket
Fistulina hepatica Beef-steak
Stereum cf hirsutum  
=Tyromyces caesius Oligoporus  
Puffballs etc  
Calvatia excipuliformis Pestle puff-ball
Bulgaria inquinans Black Bulgar
Diatrype disciformis  
Hypoxylon fragiforme  
Nectria cinnabarina Coral Spot
Rhytisma acerinum Tar Spot
Xylaria hypoxylon Candlesnuff

Species list compiled by John Killick