Field Event Reports

25 April 2015 - Barton Fields Open Morning

Despite a change in the weather overnight from a previous balmy few weeks of brilliant spring weather, the morning turned out to be dry. With bird feeders fully stocked and scopes set up, we sat waiting for visitors to arrive. Our first was a Muntjac that wondered across the edge of the marsh ignoring us, walkers and dogs. Around 10.15 the first walk, escorted by David Guyoncourt and Chris Biggs, started, with two visitors and one member. Patiently, Adrian and I waited for visitors to arrive for the pond dip and were delighted when a father and two children arrived. We decamped to Pond 6 (the new one constructed Autumn 2013), where in the end another three families arrived with some eight children in all. An enjoyable hour was spent as the kids dashed around the pond dipping into the increasing murky water. Our 'catch' was quite varied, including numerous Sticklebacks and larvae of the Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly, a Smooth Newt, Caddis Fly larvae, as well as many other pond bugs. No-one fell in and Carina provided liberal doses of hand gel to clean mucky hands. David's first tour passed us by on the Thames walk path and had to move smartly to start the second walk at 12.00. This was attended by two other visitors.
All who attended seemed to enjoy the event; perhaps the relatively low number of attendees was affected by a poor weather forecast. Thanks in particular to David and Adrian for the work put in to organise the event.

Graham Bateman