APRIL 2020

The morning of 1st April was chilly, down to 0.1°C with a ground frost. The cloudy day following only reached 9.9°C, resulting in the coldest night, and the only day in the month not to reach double figures. Decreasing pressure brought warmer air from the NW, with plenty of sunny periods on 2nd with the temperature rising to 13.7°C. It continued upwards to 20.6°C on 5th, when a shower of just 1.1mm fell overnight.

High pressure returned on 6th. Temperatures climbed to the maximum for the month of 24.2°C on Easter Saturday 11th, It also recorded the warmest night of 11.5°C. This was very like Easter 2011, which was also very warm and sunny. Settled conditions with mainly light winds from the north east quarter and plenty of days of unbroken sun or sunny spells continued until 26th.

The one anomaly was the passage of a complex frontal system on 17th/18th bringing 16.7mm rain. This rain broke a dry spell of 28 days from 20th March, which had had only 1.8mm and 1.1mm, on 30 March and 5 April respectively.

Temperatures throughout were mild, exceeding 20°C on 10 days. Nights were mostly above 5°C although some clear nights brought the temperature slightly lower. The average temperature was 2.82°C above my 30-year average, the warmest since 2011.

The high-pressure area had been receding for several days and on 27th a series of fronts moved through bringing periods of rain for the last four days: 6.4mm, 6.0mm, 3.3mm and 14.3mm, totalling 30.0mm. The final total for April was 47.8mm over six days, 90.2% of my 25-year average. The total for the year so far is 275.7mm, 133% of average.

April 2020 proved to be a very pleasant, spring month with plenty of warm, sunny days and light winds, mostly from the NE quarter. Rain was concentrated into one wet day on 17th and the last four days, but where were the April showers which us gardeners were waiting for?

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010