May 2017

May Day was sunny but cold, followed by a ground frost, the last of the spring, falling to 1.6°C, the coldest night of the month. Heavy showers on 2nd brought just 1.3mm of rain and a rise in temperature.

A fine, settled period followed, with increasing temperatures, reaching 26.1℃ on the weekend of 7th/8th, the warmest for the month. Clear, cool nights ranged from 3.7℃ - 8.1°C. This spell lasted until 9th, when the pressure fell sharply and three wet days registered a total of 34mm rain, 27mm of it on 10th.

A warm, sunny spell with light, easterly winds followed until 17th when the wind turned westerly bringing a period of rain, ending with 13mm on 21st. It remained mild.

Light easterly winds then brought settled conditions until 31st when 10.9mm rain fell overnight. This took the total rainfall to 71.4mm, just under 20% above average. Every month this year so far has had above average rainfall totalling 340.7mm, making a wet year, 29% above average. The spring months of March, April and May had 39% above average rainfall.

Maximum temperatures throughout were not extreme except for the one day at the end of the first week and most nights were mild so the month ended just 1°C above average.

Overall May was mild with long dry spells. Three short wet spells each had one particularly wet day which together contributed over 70% of the total. There was plenty of sunshine during the dry periods except for the last week which was more overcast.

Mike Wilkins