The unsettled conditions at the end of September continued into October, with heavy, thundery showers among the sunny spells. The temperature rose to 18.7°C, which was to prove the highest for the month. It continued unsettled for the next week with showers and sunny periods. 9mm rain fell over the night of 5th/6th. Temperatures reached the mid-teens and nights remained in double figures apart from 2nd and 3rd which only reached 6.0°C and 3.2°C respectively. Winds were light, from all directions.

On 8th more serious rain set in, continuing for the next ten days, only 16th remaining dry. Significant falls included 9.5mm on 11th, 18.3mm on 12th and 17.1mm on 14th. However, temperatures remained in the mid-teens and nights around 10°C.

A more settled anticyclonic spell set in on 15th, with some sunny but also some cloudy days. The temperature remained well into double figures but with clear nights it dropped to mostly single figures, falling as low as 4.9°C on 22nd.

Three wet days followed on 24th-26th, recording 6.0mm, 7.0mm and 8.5mm rain respectively.

High pressure returned for the last five days bringing lower temperatures. It only reached 8.7°C on 28th, the only day in the month not reaching double figures to be followed by the coldest night, down to 1.2°C, with the second ground frost of the autumn. The first frost was on 27th with a minimum of 3.4°C.

Finally, 3.0mm rain fell on the last night to bring the total over the 18 days with rain to 111.6mm, 160% of my average for the period 1992-2016 and the wettest October since 2006. It was 70% more than in June, the next wettest month this year. What will November bring, the wettest month of the year, on average? Overall, October began mild and unsettled for the first half with some rain on most days. This was followed by a more settled but cooler second half, with a brief wet spell in the middle. It ended with the average temperature 0.52°C above my 30-year average from 1981-2010.

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010