Mild, windy, cloudy weather continued into February with 6mm rain over the night of 1st/2nd. The temperature reached double figures until 4th. A brief interlude of five days with sunny periods and light winds followed. This brought daytime temperatures down slightly, and nights around freezing, down to -0.9°C on 6th, the only air frost of the month.

From the night of 7th/8th fresh to strong SW winds associated with storm Ciara brought a total of 20.8mm rain over four days. On 10th the 8.5mm included a brief fall of hail which was heavy enough to cover the ground and look more like snow. The temperature reached 12.9°C on 9th.

There was another brief respite from the rain over 11th/12th with sunny periods and a ground frost.

11mm rain fell on the night of 12th/13th and at least a trace (2 days) fell on every subsequent day until the end of the month. Notable falls were 17.8mm & 10.4mm on 15th & 16th, storm Dennis, and 14.0mm on 28th, but storm Jorge at the end of the month missed us. The total for February was 112.7mm over 22 days, 245.3% of my 25-year average and the wettest since 2014 which had 115.5mm. The total so far this year is 179.0mm, 159.3% of average. The winter (December, January, February) total was 268.4mm, 152.2% of average.

Temperatures overall were very mild, reaching 13.2°C on 16th (the previous night only fell to 10.2°C). The coldest nights were: 1.7°C, -0.9°C & 0.3°C on 5th 6th & 7th. The overall average for the month was 2.5°C above average.

February was very mild and wet, with fresh to strong mainly south westerly winds. There were only a few brief interludes, with sunny periods and light winds.

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010