September 2017

The first couple of days of September were sunny and warm but rain arrived on 3rd with 6.2mm falling. Unsettled weather continued until 18th. A series of fronts brought measurable rain on all but three days. Daily totals were mainly under 5mm but 12mm fell on 18th in heavy showers. However, most days had sunny spells between the showers.

Daytime temperatures slowly decreased from a maximum of 21.8°C on 4th to 15.1°C on 16th although the coolest day was 3rd at 14.9°C. Nights also cooled from 13.8°C on 4th to 7.0°C on 15th.

From 19th to the end of the month high pressure dominated and there were only four days with rain although 11.9mm fell on the night of 24th/25th. Both day and night temperatures recovered to a maximum of 20.9°C on 24th and nights in double figures, only down to 13.4°C on 23rd. The high pressure brought fog or mist on 26th & 27th (I was away for 28th-30th).

As there was some rain on 17 days the frequent showers brought a total of 72.4mm, 143.4% of my 24 year average. However, most of it was in the form of showers with plenty of sunny spells in between. Average temperatures were kept just 0.25°C below my 30 year average.

Mike Wilkins