December 2018

Unsettled weather continued into December with rain recorded on the first nine days, 27.5mm in total. Daytime temperatures were mostly in double figures, reaching 13.4°C on 2nd and 3rd, the maximum for the month. However, it was only 6.9°C on 4th, having fallen to 1.6°C overnight, producing a ground frost.

High pressure from 9th brought cold south-easterly winds, sunny periods and cold nights with a ground frost on 11th followed by air frosts on 13th -15th, the only air frosts in the whole month. The lowest was -3.5°C on 14th.

From 15th - 23rd a succession of fronts moved through quickly, bringing 8.5mm, 6.4mm, and 11.1mm of rain on 15th, 16th, and 18th, followed by very small amounts. This was the last of the rain for the month which totalled 65.8mm on 17 days, just 2.6% above my 25-year average. Temperatures ranged from 6.8°C - 11.7°C in the day and 3.5°C - 7.3°C at night. The wind was moderate or fresh during the rainy spells but mainly light, with some sunny spells in between.

The influence of an anticyclone over Scandinavia and northern Europe became dominant from 24th until the end of the month producing dry, mild and calm, but mainly overcast conditions.

The weather for December can be divided into four periods: two wet periods with a shorter cold spell between followed by a dry but relatively mild finish to the month and year. It was rather gloomy, with many &dquo;Dark days before Christmas”, but a mild month with the temperature 2.3°C above average.

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010