September 2018

The high pressure at the end of August continued into September and brought calm conditions with a mixture of light cloud and sunny intervals. Apart from weak fronts passing through overnight on 6th, 8th and 11th bringing a total of just 4.7mm of rain, these conditions continued until 17th when the pressure fell sharply.

Rain was recorded from 19th-23rd, 18.4mm fell on 22nd, 2.5mm on 19th and 8.1mm on 20th. The last week was dry. Rain was recorded on 8 days in the month with a total of 34.7mm, just two-thirds (67%) of average. The year's total stands at 420.2mm, 89% of average.

High pressure returned on 23rd bringing settled weather, but this time with clear, cold nights. Temperatures fell to single figures, the 25th and 29th recording just 3.0°C. There was a ground frost on the latter date (and probably on the former). Both dates are the earliest autumn ground frost I have recorded since 24th September 2003, the only other September date since my records began in 1994.

September began very warm reaching 24.4°C on 3rd, the warmest day of the month. It continued to reach the low twenties to high teens throughout the month, apart from 23rd and 24th when maxima of only 12.4°C and 13.2°C were recorded. Similarly, night temperatures remained mostly in double figures until the last week. The warmest night was 16.3°C on 17th. Overall the average temperature was 0.8°C above average.

After a hot summer September eased us gently into autumn with pleasantly mild, sunny and dry weather. We avoided the gales and flooding endured by much of the country to the north and west.

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010