July 2017

July began unsettled with moderate north west winds but only 1mm rain fell on the first two days. It then cleared and rapidly warmed up, with long sunny periods reaching 29.9°C on 6th, the highest temperature of the month.

Settled and very warm conditions continued for the next eight days. The night of 9th was the warmest of the month, only falling to 18°C. However, a few days later a front moved through on the night of 11th/12th, bringing 20.1mm rain. The temperature only reached 18.7℃, the coolest day of the month.

Mostly dry conditions followed for nearly a week, with sunny spells and brief showers. The temperature climbed up to 27.2°C on 18th  followed by an overnight thunderstorm, but accompanied by only 6mm rain.

From now on, it continued unsettled until the end of the month, with some rain on most days. Significant falls were 13mm and 10.4mm on 21st/22nd, and 18.5mm on 29th. The total for the month was 84.8mm over 14 days, 164.4% of my 24 year average, the wettest July since the floods of 2007. It was easily the wettest month this year so far. This brought the year's total to 338mm, 93.3% of average.

Night minimum temperatures ranged from 18°C on 9th down to 11.0°C on 22nd, the lowest values being in the last week. Overall, the average temperature was 0.77°C above my 30 year average

After a promising first ten days, the rest of July turned out to be very wet but reasonably warm, with a few bright spells between the showers.

Mike Wilkins