November 2018

November began mild with sunny periods, the temperature steadily increasing to a maximum for the month of 15.1°C by 6th. However, cold clear nights brought the minima down, to 0.3°C on 2nd with a ground frost. This did not last and fronts passing through overnight on 6th and 7th brought 9.0mm and 6.5mm rain respectively.

Continuing SW winds and another sharp fall in pressure brought more rain; 9.1mm on 9th and 8.5mm on 10th.

By 12th more settled weather with long sunny spells and light mainly easterly winds moved in for the next fortnight. Temperatures to start were in the low teens and nights in high single figures but only falling to 10.2°C on 15th, the mildest night of the month. From 19th the maximum temperatures fell to single figures and clear nights down to 0.3°C on 21st and -2.6°C on 22nd, with the only air frost of the month.

Rainfall during this period was negligible, the only significant amount was 4.0mm on 20th.

All changed on 27th. After early fog and drizzle, rain came in the afternoon and overnight to bring 10.4mm. The next three days, to the end of the month also had rain, mainly overnight, 3.3mm, 3.4mm and 5.1mm. The temperatures reached three figures, 13.4°C on 28th. The night of 29th only fell to 8.7°C. Overall, the average temperature was 1.3°C above average.

The month's total rainfall was 67.2mm, just under 90% of the average for the normally wettest month of the year. The year so far stands at 548.2mm, 88.4% of average. November was the sixth month in a row with less than average. Total rainfall for the autumn months of September, October and November was 160.7mm, 81.7% of average.

Overall, November was a pleasantly mild and dry month with mainly relatively settled conditions and only three short, wet periods, gently easing us into winter.

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010