November began as October had ended; mild and wet. Rain, mainly overnight on 1st and 2nd was 3.5mm & 8.4mm respectively. There were sunny periods during the day and the temperatures reached 16.5°C, (the maximum for the month) on 1st and 16.2°C on 2nd. The wind was fresh S-SW

A sharp rise of the barometer signalled the arrival of brighter, colder weather with ground frosts on 4th - 6th, that on the 4th being the first for the autumn and the latest since 2013. Night time temperatures fell to low single figures, down to 0.2°C on 6th, which was to be the coldest for the month. There were long sunny periods during the day. The very light wind was variable

Unsettled conditions returned from 8th - 13th, with brief showers and mainly overcast skies

On 14th heavy rain arrived with a moderate SE-S wind and continued overnight, totalling 22.9mm the only significant fall during the month. It continued unsettled with sunny spells and the occasional shower until 21st. The temperature reached the low teens on most days and nights fell between 11.6°C & 2.8°C

The rest of the month was dominated by high pressure and light winds from all directions. Until 25th the temperature reached low teens but with clear night skies it then fell to low single figures, the lowest for the month being 4.4°C on 27th, which also recorded the second lowest night at 0.8°C. There was early fog on 22nd and 26th - 29th and ground frost on 23rd & 26th

In the second half of the month "measurable" rain was recorded on 10 days but only 2 days were over 1mm. Consequently, the total for November was just 54.5mm, 72.7% of my 25-year average, the driest November since 2013

The average temperature was 1.9°C above my 30-year average making it the warmest November since 2015

In summary, November was a pleasantly mild, dry month with mainly light or moderate winds, a reasonable amount of sunshine and no real cold spells

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010