JUNE 2020

May merged seamlessly into June, dawning warm and sunny again and continuing for the first couple of days. The pressure then dropped sharply and cloud moved in with a shower on late afternoon of the 3rd. It remained unsettled for the next nine days. Only 6th recorded a reasonable rainfall total of 5.0mm, accompanied by thunder. Maximum temperatures up to 12th ranged from 25.3°C on the first two days to 15.0°C on 6th, the coolest day of the month which was also the coolest night, at 7.6°C. Nights throughout the month stayed above double figures apart from 6th - 8th.

Three days of sunny periods were followed by a thunderstorm on 16th, the proverbial "British Summer". Two very wet days followed with 14.8mm & 14.3mm respectively, the only days in the month to record double figures.

It continued unsettled until 22nd when high pressure moved in with sunny days and high temperatures, exceeding 30.0°C on 24th - 26th; 30.4°C, 31.9°C & 30.2°C respectively. The 26th was followed by the warmest night, at 17.4°C.

The last few days returned to unsettled conditions with showers and a fall in temperature of around 10°C.

June was a mixed month with four warm-to-hot spells alternating with four cooler, wetter periods. Rain, recorded on 18 days, but with only one really wet period in the middle, finally totalled 65.3mm, 137% of average. The wind throughout was light to moderate and from all quarters.

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010