JULY 2020

The first nine days of July were unsettled with light to moderate south-westerly winds bringing sunny spells interspersed with bands of rain or showers. Rain was recorded on six days. Significant falls were 7.0mm on 2nd/3rd and 6.1mm on 7th. Daytime temperatures ranged from 21.9°C on 5th down to 19.7°C on 10th, the coolest day of the month.

For two weeks from 10th the wind became light, predominantly from the north west accompanied by long sunny spells. Consequently, the temperature rose reaching a peak of 26.2°C on 17th. With clear nights, the temperatures fell mainly to mid to low teens throughout the month, the coolest night being 8.9°C on 11th. There was a brief interlude on the night of 18th/19th when a front passed through, leaving 6.6mm of rain.

A short, unsettled spell followed on 25th/26th bringing a welcome (for us gardeners) 8.4mm and 6.6mm of rain, with another 0.5mm on 27th. This brought the total for July to 39.4mm, just 79% of my long-term average. The total for the first seven months is 381.8mm, 4.6% above average.

The last four days saw clearer skies and increasing temperatures from 20.4°C on 28th to 27.3°C on 30th and 35.2°C on 31st, not quite reaching the 35.5°C in July 2019. Nights were relatively cool until 31st when, not surprisingly, it did not fall below17.2°C making it the warmest night of the month. The average temperature for July was just 0.18°C above my 30-year average.

July was a pleasantly warm, sunny month with light winds. Although there was some refreshing rain scattered throughout it was dry overall.

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010