JUNE 2019

After a promising start to June, with three sunny days and the temperature reaching 25.3°C and 25.1°C on the first two, heavy showers on 4th brought 4mm rain.

Eight of the next ten days recorded some rain. Notable was 7th with rain all day culminating with a thunderstorm early evening bringing the total rain for the day to 22.5mm. A flash of lightning lit up the garden as if it had been directly above. It also rained all day on 10th, with 21.9mm. Otherwise, many days had some sunny spells between the showers.

Maximum temperatures during this period ranged from 12.4°C on 11th to 21°C on 3rd. Minima were in the low teens apart from three. The lowest was 7.7°C on 9th.

From 14th the pressure began to rise bringing more settled conditions with light winds, often from an easterly quarter, continuing until the end of the month. Although there were sunny spells there was also a lot of cloud. However, it remained warm with temperatures ranging from high teens to low-twenties, reaching 25.8°C on 28th. It continued dry apart from odd showers on 15th, 18th and 25th adding up to 4.1mm.

Finally, we had a taste of the weather from the Sahara which had been causing the extreme temperatures were being experienced in much of Western Europe, although not to the same degree. A wave of hot air passed across Southern England from west to east on 29th to bring the temperature up to 32.0°C. The last day of the month was a more normal 23.5°C.

June was a month of two halves: a wet first half when most of the 65.4mm of rain fell (137% of average and by far the wettest month this year) and a settled, dry second half with increasing temperatures to bring it 0.39°C above average.

Mike Wilkins

25 year Rainfall averages are from 1992-2016
30 year Temperature averages are from 1981-2010