Ringlet butterflies are seen regularly throughout the transects.

A group of members share the responsibility for formal weekly butterfy surveys from March to September over two "transects", one covering Barton Fields, the other slightly further east along R Thames. These survey results are submitted to the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (UKBMS).


Members undertake surveys and recording for the Society throughout the year on and around Barton Field, during field events and at home.

Thrupp Lake/Radley Lakes  Bioblitz

6 July 2013

261 species were identified, with two rarely seen sightings. see the full species record...


Gardens are now widely recognised for the contribution they can make to wildlife conservation. Our members now record birds, amphibians, butterflies  and other animal sightings within their gardens.

Citizen Science!

Citizen Science – experiments, surveys and reporting by the general public rather than professionals makes an important contribution to research and understanding of many issues related to wildlife and the environment. You do not need to be an expert or undertake special field trips to contribute to many of the surveys. Here are just a few of the surveys which Abingdon Naturalists' Society members take part in, some from their own gardens:

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