Illustrated Talks

Wednesday 30 September

‘Gharial conservation in Nepal’


an illustrated talk

Phoebe Griffith
Oxford University WildCRU, National Geographic Explorer

The strange looking gharial is one of the most evolutionarily unique crocs, and following declines of more than 94% in the last century, is now Critically Endangered.  Phoebe will be discussing her research, to use radio-telemetry to better understand gharial river use, movement and survival to build an evidence base for effective gharial conservation in Nepal.

The talk will be preceded by
the Society's AGM

7.30pm - via Zoom
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We can not meet at Christ Church for our scheduled programme of talks during the present state of the COVID-19 crisis. The programme will continue through Zoom online video conferencing where possible until such time that indoor meetings are allowed and the committee feel that members will be confident to attend.
Details of the Zoom arrangements will be posted on this website when settled for individual talks.