The Green Team

A group of helpers, the 'Green Team' have been recruited from ANS members and some non-members.  About eight people help regularly. Our objective has been to maintain and enhance the diversity of habitats and to manage the site for vulnerable species such as Water Vole. A very important task is to record the species on site.

Raking Hay in Barton Fields: August   2018

2nd Abingdon Scouts and the Green Gym joined Barton Fields Green Team.


ANS first became involved with Barton Fields at the invitation of District Council in 1999. In 2003, at the instigation of the District Council and with backing of the Oxfordshire Nature Conservation Forum, the site was designated as a Jubilee Wildlife Site and ANS was appointed to manage it. 

Wildflower Meadow Project

97% of our lowland native wildflower meadows have disappeared since the 1950’s which has sent many of our wild bee and butterflies dependent upon them into a steep decline. So we began our native wildflower meadow restoration at Barton Fields in 2009 to aid their recovery.

Why not create a wild side to your garden by leaving an area unmown and allowing wild grasses and flowers to attract invertebrates such as beetles, slugs, butterflies and bees?

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The ponds were surveyed in May 2014
Pond survey: May 2014