Conservation Successes

Orchids at Barton Fields

When we started managing Barton Fields there were no orchids present. Eight years ago one Pyramidal Orchids appeared at the town-end of the field, and numbers have increased year by year since then, until last week I counted nine, now widely dispersed, including one in a mid-field area which we mow each year.

Marsh Orchids (Early or Southern) also appeared for the first time this year. Four were in flower in the lower part of the Wildflower Meadow last month.

from David Guyoncourt: 21 June 2014

Pyramidal Orchids flourish on verges near the roundabout.
© Michael Bloom

Pyramidal Orchids at Hinksey Hill roundabout. 

Following Michael Bloom's persistence with OCC over the last couple of years, (Michael also counted orchids at the site) they and Atkins are taking the matter of the Roadside Verge NR seriously, and will be translocating species-rich turfs from the Hinksey Hill Roundabout to a bank near the  Kennington Roundabout. The habitat would have been destroyed otherwise by the imminent road works.

The new site was chosen to match the existing site as closely as possible in terms of soil characteristics. A five-year  management plan is in place to maintain the biodiversity of the new site.

April 2014

Sadly, the relocation does not appear to have been a success. read more...

June 2015