Field Events

Sunday 20 June

A Hay Meadow in its summer glory


Join owners and conservationists, Catriona Bass and Kevan Martin, as they shows us their beautiful wildflower meadow and tells us about the conservation of this habitat that is nowadays so rare in the UK. The UK has lost more than 97% of its wildflower-rich floodplain meadows, so this visit to one of the few remaining examples will be a real treat.
Long Mead has been managed for many years as a traditional hay meadow with no fertilisers, insecticides or herbicides, and as a result has an amazing diversity of wildflowers including great burnet, oxeye daisy, yellow rattle, lady's bedstraw, ragged robin, common spotted and early marsh orchid, as well as a myriad of invertebrates. We will see it when the flowers will be at their best, shortly before the hay is cut.

In 2018, Kevan and Catriona initiated the Thames Valley Wildflower Meadow Restoration Project, collaborating with local farmers and landowners to create a meadow network along the Thames above Oxford.

Leaders: Catriona Bass and Kevan Martin (owners)

When:  Sunday 20th June from 10:00am to around 12:00noon

Where: Long Mead, near Swinford Toll Bridge, Eynsham OX29 4DU Grid Ref: SP442088

Getting there:  From Botley, take B4044 towards Eynsham. After crossing Swinford Toll Bridge, turn right to park on Wharf Road OX29 4BP (yellow pin on map links) Grid Ref: SP440091
PLEASE CAR SHARE if you’re able to do so in a Covid-safe way, as parking on Wharf Road is limited.
After parking on Wharf Road, cross over the B4044 (take care in traffic!) and walk about 180m back towards the toll bridge until you see a pair of gates with rusty metal bird sculptures on top. Meet at the gate (red pin on map links).