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Barton Fields Hay Raking - 2018

The Green Team were joined by 2nd Abingdon Scouts and the local Green Gym.

The grassland was cut by a local farmer on Tuesday 21 August and on Wednesday seven Barton Fields Green Team members raked the whole area into pitchfork-able hay rolls.  On Saturday a total of 31 volunteers including 9 scouts and their leaders, 17 Abingdon Green Gymmers and 5 Green Team, gathered to complete the task, which they did with time to spare.  Many thanks to all the volunteers."

David Guyoncourt's gallery

A busy time raking hay.A busy time raking hay.Everyone came together for a group photograph. Children enjoyed the session.The hay was stacked in heaps at the edge of the meadows.

Michael Bloom's gallery

It was a busy time.Children enjoted themselves.Children enjoyed stacking the hay.The team were very enthusiasticThe hay had to be carried or dragged to heaps.