Field Event Reports

Sunday 21st October 2018: Fungus Foray at Foxcombe Wood

Here we see tha group ready to start the foray.

Leader: John Killick and Steve West with Fungus Survey of Oxford

It was a perfect sunny afternoon at Foxcombe Wood where twenty people came to foray. Steve West came all the way from the West Midlands to open the gate for us and to tell us about the woodland he manages.

There was a plethora of fungi, including a massive Cauliflower fungus and a Shaggy Parasol just inside the gate. There were pink Lilac Bonnets, a Saffron-drop Bonnet which shed orange blood, a couple of Stinkhorns, stinking beautifully with flies swarming around them, Honey Fungus, Fly Agaric and one smelling of aniseed and another of radish.

David Guyoncourt, Alan & Pam Hills, Caroline Jackson-Houlston, John Killick, Victoria & Denise Koslova, John & Priscilla Morris, Lyn & Tony Richmond were there from Abingdon Naturalists' Society.
In addition there were 8 or 9 from the Fungus Survey of Oxfordshire. At least four of the AbNatters are also members of that organisation.

Report: David Guyoncourt