Illustrated Talks

Wednesday 24 February

‘Bat Research in Wytham Woods’


an illustrated talk at 7.30 pm via Zoom
presented by
Dr Danielle Linton
Wytham Bat Project Coordinator

Which UK bat species is the last to give birth each summer (so late that juveniles of other species are already starting to fly)? Do older females make better mothers? When do males reach reproductive condition each breeding season? What can repeat captures of ringed bats tell you about breeding success and colony size over time...
Dani has known Z5023 and Z2530 for 14 years and 110 captures - find out how their social lives are very different.
Wytham Bat Project also uses radio-tracking, thermal imaging, and endoscopes, to find and monitor tree roosts - seasonal patterns of box and tree occupancy will be compared and described.


We can not meet at Christ Church for our scheduled programme of talks during the present state of the COVID-19 crisis. The programme will continue through Zoom online video conferencing where possible until such time that indoor meetings are allowed and the committee feel that members will be confident to attend.

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