Illustrated Talks

TUESDAY 22 February

Our Iconic Seals – Think Seal!
Observations of Cornwall's Seals


an Illustrated talk presented via Zoom by
Sue Sayer, Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust

This talk is aimed at sharing observations of natural wild seal behaviour gathered over two decades. If we begin to imagine what it might be like to be a seal, we can better appreciate what seals need from us. Beautifully illustrated with video content, discover the links seals make between sea and land, their main behavioural drivers and how their world is changing. We end with an optimistic plan for the future to ensure this wild marine heritage species thrives for future generations to smile about as well.


We can not meet at Christ Church for our scheduled programme of talks during the present state of the COVID-19 crisis. The programme will continue through Zoom online video conferencing where possible until such time that indoor meetings are allowed and the committee feel that members will be confident to attend.

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