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Abingdon Naturalists' Society members share their interests with many other groups in our area:-

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Our members support a wide range of natural history and conservation societies and voluntary organisations beyond our immediate area. Some are well known national organisations while these are a few less well known:-

Make your Sightings Count

Citizen Science – experiments, surveys and reporting by the general public rather than professionals makes an important contribution to research and understanding of many issues related to wildlife and the environment. You do not need to be an expert or undertake special field trips to contribute to many of the surveys. Here are just a few of the surveys which Abingdon Naturalists' Society members take part in, some from their own gardens:

Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre collates wildlife and environmental records in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Their database forms the basis of a service to planners, land managers, students, environmentalists, ecologists and others. – a volunteer computing, climate modelling project.

Citizen Science Works for Wildlife Protection!

Birdtrack records of Buzzard sightings over 5 decades provided crucial evidence leading to the successful prosecution of a Norfolk gamekeeper for mass poisoning of raptor