Naturalist's images around Abingdon

Naturalist's images around Abingdon


The tractor ready for actions
Hay-making at Barton Fields
August 2021

Radley Lakes Trust launch; Hay-making at Barton Fields; Development threat to Nyatt Field; Spring has sprung!; Radley Lakes Masterplan launched; Cowslips and Apple Blossom; read the News...

Abingdon Naturalists'  Society was set up in 1967 by wildlife lovers, to give an opportunity to learn about the natural world around us, promote conservation, and - just as important - to get out and see it in the company of experts and friends. Butterflies, bats, fowl, flora, fungi ... all on the agenda.

Nature Needs


Citizen Science works for Wildlife Protection!

Birdtrack records of Buzzard sightings over 5 decades provided crucial evidence leading to the successful prosecution of a Norfolk gamekeeper for mass poisoning of raptors.

YOU can help wildflowers, bees, hedgehogs, swifts.... here are some ways YOU could help

Get Involved!

We encourage involvement with other naturalist groups in our area. You don't need to be an expert to start contributing to major wildlife and environmental data collection. read more...

Naturalist's images around Abingdon


Bracket Fungi
Bracket fungi in Boxhill Wood.
August 2021

We hope that members will send in notes of interesting sightings , even if seen only through the window, to share through this slot on the website.
email to submit sightings.

Winter thrushes and fallen apples; What's been eating our roses and tomatoes?; Turkeytail fungi; Potter Wasp; Spectacular Brackets; Uncommon Moths; Purple Emperor Butterfly;Scalloped Oak Moth; Blueberry bandit; River Ock Swan Family; Young starling; Newly-fledged Robin;Blue Tits nearly fledging; Large Red Damselfly; Vulpine visitor at dawn; Few-flowered Garlic; Dawn Chorus; Ashy Mining Bee, and more....
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