Nature Needs You!

If you have reached this page on the Abingdon Naturalists' Society website you evidently care about nature and the environment - that's your environment! The links on this page point to campaigns through which ordinary, non-specialist people can take action to help nature either directly or by encouraging those with power on a wider scale to care more for the environment and biodiversity.

Help our declining Hedgehog population

A third of our hedgehogs have been lost in just ten years!

Hedgehogs need to travel through entire neighbourhoods if they are to survive. In fact, they can roam several kilometres in a single night to find enough food and safe nesting sites. Small holes in garden fences can help hedgehogs travel safely through a neigbourhood.

Make a hole, make a difference and sign up to the Hegehog Street "Holes for Hogs" campaign.

Help Save Britain's Bees

Our bees are facing an unprecedented crisis. They’ve lost much of their natural habitat in the past 60 years (including 97 per cent of wildflower-rich meadows) and are under assault from pesticides and intensive farming. But by creating bee friendly spaces where we live, we can start to replace and restore some of this lost habitat and help Britain bloom for bees.

The Bee & Bee guide from Friends of the Earth will show you how to provide bees near you with a comfy bed, a nutritious breakfast, and a refreshing water supply.

Swifts – love them or lose them

Swifts are a welcome sight in summer

Swift numbers have declined dramatically over the last 20 years. One reason is that nest sites are lost when buildings are demolished or refurbished.

Swift nest sites can be created by incorporating swift bricks  in new buildings and during renovation or by fixing swift boxes on existing buildings. Find out more about helping swifts from the Swift Conservation website.