Surveys over the past few years have shown increses in introduced species

Surveys of the Wildflower meadow estabilshed at Barton Fields have show that the introduced plants have increased in abundance, and many other plants have colonised naturally. Tall growing herbs and tall grasses which once dominated have practically disappeared, allowing low-growing flowering plants to thrive.  The enhanced plant diversity in the wildflower meadow, is reflected in the greater number of grassland butterflies in these areas compared with the un-enhanced mid-field area.

Barton Fields flora review: 2012 or Download as 'pdf' tl_files/ANS/imgs/pdf.gif

Orchids around the A34 Hinksey Interchange


Michael Bloom has published a report on his work surveying and conserving the Pyramidal and other orchid species growing on roadside verges at the Hinksey Hill Interchange in Oxford and surrounding areas. Read the report © ANHSO